When considering land baking in the LA area, prospective proprietors’ first few questions are often related to the nature of the land itself: what can I expect from land for sale in Los Angeles County? In this blog post, we’ll discuss realistic expectations and debunk a few of the common misconceptions regarding soon-to-be-developed land in this area.

1. Land for sale in Los Angeles County is not “virgin land.”

People who hear the phrase “land banking” might think that buying land in LA County is just hoping that some area of previously untouched land will be profitable. In fact, land banking is selecting land that has already been “scoped out” for development – entrepreneurs, energy companies, or other developers have already set their sights on the land, but they haven’t purchased it. In fact, over 23,000 acres have already been consolidated for solar development. Land for sale in Los Angeles County is not rough-hewn territory: it’s the area in which a community will naturally expand.

2. It’s not developed, either.

Pre-developed land for sale in Los Angeles County is expensive and hard to come by. In fact, land that is currently developed was often purchased by scrupulous land bankers years ago (when it was in the path of development). Most of the land for sale in Los Angeles County borders the most populated and developed areas, but it is available because it has not yet been developed. As the Los Angeles County population expands, the area of land available for purchase will shrink.

3. It is in the right place.

Los Angeles County is rich in human and resource potential, which has made it the tenth-largest economy in the world. It is the economic center of California, as it is the third-largest port system in the world (and the largest in America). As the world shrinks, the global influence of Los Angeles County grows; land for sale in Los Angeles County will become more valuable the more America engages with the economy of the rest of the world.

4. Land for sale in Los Angeles County is not isolated.

Some people feel that land for sale – especially inexpensive land – must be isolated or unusable. In fact, the map of Los Angeles County is filled with the headquarters of tech and entertainment companies as well as industrial businesses. Land in the path of development is dispersed within and between these centers of financial activity.

5. It can benefit you, even in small amounts.

You don’t have to buy thousands of acres to benefit; in fact, even students with just five thousand dollars can (and should) invest. Think of it this way: land that is now $3 per square foot, after development, may realistically be worth $300 per square foot. You’ve just multiplied your initial investment a hundred times. Don’t expect to “get rich quick” – wealth that lasts does take time – but you can expect land for sale in Los Angeles County to be a safe and profitable investment for your future.