Brian Brown

About Brian Brown

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Brian D. Brown has a proven history of helping investors grow their assets.

Upon graduation from the University of Michigan, Mr. Brown began his career with fortune 500 companies, such as General Motors and Federal Express, gaining insights into key business fundamentals which proved to be valuable when he transitioned his career into the finance sector. After discovering his aptitude for finance, Mr. Brown made the decision to serve as a financial advisor with The Principal Group. As a top performer for TPG, he honed his skills learning solid financial principals which continue to guide his clients to the most advantageous market positions today.

Mr. Brown’s industry experience includes commercial and residential finance, as well as insurance and real estate investing. Mr. Brown has also owned various businesses including a restaurant, retail appliance store and a retail clothing outlet.

With experience in a wide range of sectors, Mr. Brown’s true passion lies in helping people realize the hidden wealth in land banking and making a positive impact in their lives. Mr. Brown currently owns two parcels of land in the Antelope Valley.

How can Mr. Brown’s experience help you? Imagine the possibilities… Call to discover 314-640-5959.