We’ve all heard stories of how people got rich when the Continental railroad came through town. California high-speed rail

This is the perfect example of how land banking can work for you too.  Which is why many Velur investors with land along the high-speed rail corridor are so excited these days…

I’ve held off talking about this for some time because it’s been caught up in litigation.

But we’ve finally passed the #1 obstacle holding us back. On August 1st the San Jose Mercury Times announced that this historical project has finally gotten the green light. Reporting that:

  • The project will proceed unless challenged in the State Supreme court.  And the Plaintiffs haven’t indicated they would take that step.
  • Initial testing work is already starting in Fresno.
  • Jerry Brown has successfully tied $3/4B in annual taxes to CA’s biggest polluters to fund the project going forward.

As a Land Banker, you’re in a prime position to benefit from all of the economic activity this is about to create in the Antelope Valley…

For example:

  1. You’ll enjoy overnight gains of 10 – 30% through the power of the un-earned increment every time an infrastructure or commercial project happens within 1 – 3 miles of your property.
  2. A new transportation system is going to make it a lot easier for people to live in the Antelope Valley and work in LA, exploding the demand for affordable land for housing.
  3. That demand, backed by the economic surge of billions of dollars in new construction jobs in the area, will in-turn boost the value of local commercial and residential Real Estate markets.

And who stands to benefit the most from all this activity?

You.  The one who was smart enough to buy land at pre-development prices and hold onto it over the long hall.


Because, as Warren Buffet explains, “Wealth is the transfer of money from the impatient to the patient.”

Velur investors know this very well.

This is how we are planning to pay for our children’s or grandchildren’s college educations… to have a better than expected retirement and live debt free… and why 75% of Velur investors – over 34 years – have purchased more than 1 property to enhance their portfolios.

If you haven’t invested yet, or you’ve invested and you’d like to see how these developments impact your properties, send me a mail – Here –

We can schedule a webinar at your convenience to go over the most up-to-date information. And I promise, with Velur’s years of experience, 16:10:3 due diligence system and policy of ‘putting our money where our mouth is’ on every single property in our inventory, I can show you the best parcels of land along this project, with the greatest potential for returns.

Now that we know this project is speeding forward – you have the chance to make great financial gains right along with it.  But this kind of historical opportunity won’t last long.  Get in touch with me today and find out how high-speed rail can change your future for the better.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



Jenny Flynn

Owner of 9 parcels


P.S. See the latest high-speed rail videos to fully understand the financial impact this is going to have through-out the State.
Video 1
While this first video is a Fresno-specific view of High-speed rail, it gives you a great picture of the boost this is going to bring to their local economy.


Video 2
This shows you how High-speed rail is going to change the vision of transportation in California.


Video 3
This is a fly-over from Palmdale to Burbank Airport.  In it, you can see how High-speed rail is going to become the main-line artery between LA, Burbank Airport, the Dogger’s Stadium and the Antelope Valley, linking commuters to their jobs downtown in one easy stop.


P.P.S  And check out the new Anaheim station connection the local and regional buses, Metrolink, Amtrak trains and the future High-Speed Rail lines.  Read more – Here –

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