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About Dean McConkey

I’ve been incredibly fortunate throughout my life to have worked with a number of very bright and supportive people. About 20 years ago, I started planning my life in 5 year cycles. By setting personal and professional goals that I wanted to reach in half a decade, I was better able to make decisions that would help me achieve them. While looking to set new objectives for myself, I realized that five years wasn’t enough time. Some goals required more like 10 years. During this process, I was eventually able to summarize the ultimate goal for myself, “to spend more time with the people I cherish and contribute to organizations that support at-risk children”. When I came to this conclusion, I realized the best way to reach this goal wasn’t to travel continuously visiting loved ones but to create a venue that would bring these people to me. Thus, Casa Alegre, which means happy home, was born. When preparing to move to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, I realized I needed to secure my retirement funds in a vehicle I understood and trusted. Although I have made good money throughout my professional career, my real “wealth” had come from my real estate investments.

A life-changing conversation with a long-time friend led me to Land Banking. Fortunately, I predicted that the stock market was going to be greatly affected by the collapsing real estate market. So, I sold my investments and transitioned to all cash in my IRA’s. When I learned there was a way to invest in real estate using my IRA, with no mortgage, tenants or toilets (those who own rental property understand this!) I was very interested. After researching the company, touring the investment areas in Southern California, and meeting the principals involved, I was sold. My belief in this investment was so strong that I began sharing it with good friends. When a great many of them saw the same opportunity I did and choose to invest, it reinforced my belief in the concept of “Land Banking” and in the company “Velur Enterprises Inc.” When I was asked to join the company as a representative, I eagerly accepted even though I was not looking for a new career. The opportunity to share this investment with my loved ones and be associated with such an outstanding group of people as the Velur family, made me realize I wanted to build this further by creating a team. When I thought of all the great people I knew, I realized that Jenny Flynn was the only one I could envision working with in the way I had in mind.

I have worked since I was 10, my first job was selling eggs door to door (great story). I had a number of jobs through high school and college, including a 2 year stint as a night auditor for a hotel while in college working 11PM to 7AM. After graduating from Michigan State University with a bachelors in Marketing and Economics, I worked for General Motors in Detroit and then went into the car business working for Cadillac dealerships in Chicago and San Diego, specializing in leasing. Having invested in a number of properties throughout the years it was a natural transition for me when I was recruited into the mortgage industry. I enjoyed and excelled in the mortgage industry, specializing in loans for investment properties. During these years I also partnered in a number of businesses, including a bar in Manhattan and a “start up” (I raised most of the capital for the founders) here in San Diego to name a couple. It is through all of these experiences that I gained a sense of risk vs reward and also learned how to determine if a business plan had merit.


Dean McConkey
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My Casa Alegre is located at:

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