This is a question I get all the time.

And my response is always the same.

You should really be asking: How can I use my 401(k) for a better retirement?


In fact, whether you’re talking about investing your Roth IRA or using your savings, ‘better’ means investing in areas that have:

1. a lot of growth potential and,

2. a lot of supporting factors that all come together to support the value of your investment.


If you’ve seen my presentation, you already know that Velur’s due diligence system guarantees that all of our properties are in an area with:

  • A large urban population (LA just passed the 10 Million mark)
  • Inexpensive housing (Lancaster and Palmdale are half the price of buying in LA)
  • And a diverse job base.

That last point is the one I’d really like to focus on today.


As a Land Banker I am constantly following the developments in the Antelope Valley.

I’ve been delighted by how the solar revolution has raised the value of my properties and by how this technology has made the world a much nicer, cleaner place to live.

Tesla Motor’s surprise announcement this week promises to do the same.

But before I go into that, let me show the tragic beginnings of this story so you can understand why this is all happing now and what it means to the future of land banking in the Antelope Valley.


Generous to a fault?

If you know Nikola Tesla’s story I’m sure you’ll admit he was ahead of his time… he invented hundreds of electrical instruments and devices, promising the world huge breakthroughs in areas such as communication and energy.

These innovations, he said, would result in a virtually unlimited supply of virtually free energy for everyone… delivered to your home even without the need for wires!

Imagine how that would have changed the world.

Unfortunately, even though his scientific method was sound, many were skeptical.

And when J.P. Morgan and other financial backers found out that Tesla’s focus wasn’t really on profit… that he was only in it for the betterment of humanity, itself – that skepticism quickly turned into disbelief.

Without that clear money motivation his investors ultimately abandoned him and Tesla’s promise of a bright future slowly and surely unraveled.


Until this week

Staying true to Tesla’s spirit, Tesla Motors shook the foundations of the automotive industry recently by announcing it will open-source all its patents, in addition to potentially allowing other automotive companies use of the company’s proprietary Supercharger network.


Here’s how this is going to change the world…

What do you think this news means if you’re sitting on the board of General Motors today… or any other car manufacturer around the world?

I think you’ll agree, electric vehicles just got a lot more interesting.

Not only does this move drastically slash their research costs but it also provides their cars with the multi-million dollar infrastructure needed to make consumers see them as a better option for the environment… and one that’s just as convenient as any other gas guzzler out there…

Backed by the California ZEV emissions law which say that by 2025 all car manufactures must have an electric line… these open source patents create an entirely new level of competition in the electric vehicle market… on a world-wide scale.

I believe this exactly what Nikola Tesla would have wanted.

No longer can his technologies be controlled by a small group of investors, a board of directors or even have its fate tied to the success or failure of a single company…

Now, the genie is out of the bottle and with it we are about to see the world change it’s opinion on transportation and energy for the future.

Which brings us to speculate on the location of Tesla motor’s soon to be announced Gigafactory.

As you may know, California is doing everything it can, even changing the tax code to get on the short list.


And it’s working…

Among the 5 possible choices Lancaster is now considered as an exceptional prospect.

They have:

  • The world’s largest solar facility. Add Warren Buffett’s recent promise of an additional $15 Billion on top of what he’s already invested and Tesla Motors knows they’ll have all the power they’ll ever need for production.
  • A great distribution network. As the inland ports continue to develop in Lancaster and Palmdale, the Antelope valley is quickly transforming into the undisputed transportation hub of California. (Aided, again, by Mr. Buffett. Remember, he just purchased the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway in 2013 for $44 B, effectively connecting the Antelope Valley to the rest of the US.)
  • The massive market demand. With Los Angeles’ population just passing the 10 Million mark. Along with the popular demand to reduce greenhouse gasses… and LA’s infamous smog… Tesla’s Gigafactory is exactly what people need for a cleaner environment.

But even if Lancaster isn’t the first Gigafactory?… So what.

By releasing the patents for their technology out into the general public, Tesla motors is virtually guaranteeing their design becomes the standard for electric cars going forward.

So even if it doesn’t happen this year… we still know that the demand for a better, cleaner transportation system is going to be there in California next year and the next…

And that creates a huge incentive for any car manufacturer.

So it’s not hard to see that with these new open-source patents, and Lancaster’s generous tax breaks of nearly $46,000 per newly hired factory employee, companies from all over the world are going to start setting up shop in the Antelope Valley very soon.


Just following the trend…

After all, this is where Kinkysharyo recently opened its $60M dollar light passenger train facility. And this is where Build Your Dreams (the largest company in China) just rolled out their first 200 mile-range electric bus a few months ago.

Stories like this are happening every day.

Which is beautiful news.

Not only have these developments given me 9 positions in an environment of ever increasing housing, commercial and solar construction, they also provide us with hope for a better future… a better environment… and more jobs.


As Tesla predicted…

In his own words, “… All that was great in the past was ridiculed, condemned, combatted, suppressed – only to emerge all the more powerfully, all the more triumphantly from the struggle.”

We’ve finally discovered a way to make a profit from our renewable resources… while reducing our footprint on the environment.

That’s the missing piece. And now that we have it, we’re going to change the world.

It’s time for us to embrace Tesla’s spirit of innovation as our own.


Solar is the new oil…

And now… combined with Tesla Motors’ spirit of generosity… I believe we’re about to witness the birth of a whole new generation of green automotive companies in the Antelope Valley. This is the start of something big.

It can also be your path to a better retirement.

I am still able to get 1.25 acre parcels between Warren Buffett’s solar facility and the “blue lines of gold” high power transmission lines.

And if you act fast, I’m confident I’ll be able to place you on the doorstep of Tesla Motor’s Gigafactory, when it’s announced, as well.

So whether you’re thinking of using your 401(k), Roth IRA or savings account, make sure you position yourself in area of predictable growth… in today’s economy… and in the future.

Get in touch with me today and take advantage of my numerous years as a retirement planning professional and see how you can have a ‘better than expected’ view on your future as well.