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About Jenny Flynn

I recently spent two years working with over 650 disadvantaged kids in Vietnam. I am blessed to have had this experience, which allowed me to shift my focus to what’s really important – making a difference in the lives of others.

In Vietnam, I helped volunteers from around the world settle in to a unique culture and ultimately provide all types of care for the children. We taught English, nursed infants, did physical therapy for disabled kids, played with toddlers and mentored older kids who needed role models to help them see their potential and stay in school.

During these two years, I studied Buddhism, pursued a lot of personal growth work, lived on $300 a month and had so many extraordinary experiences I can’t possibly list them all. This journey made a huge impact on my life and I’ve brought back a new lifestyle, one that is simple, appreciative and compassionate.

In my commitment to Living The Life in all ways possible, my new career allows me to do just that. As a Land Banker, I’m making a positive impact on the financial future of my family, my clients and myself. My goal is to help clients experience power and freedom in making choices about how and when they retire. Ultimately if clients invest strategically, they will retire comfortably, and be able to do the things in life that inspire them.

Why am I a Land Banker? Because I can Live the Life I want NOW, greatly impact other people along the way and when my nephew is ready in 13 years, pay for his college tuition!

I have the experience necessary to be both a successful investor and sales person. Right out of high school I spent 3 years in the United States Air Force where I worked in Germany for NATO. After that I worked my way through a local graphics arts and design company where eventually I earned a position as the Senior Director of Operations for a major manufacturing company. After experiencing down-sizing in 2001, I then switched gears, got the certifications necessary and spent 6 years as a financial planner for Met Life.

My operations and finance experience allows me to objectively assess investment opportunities on a client by client basis. By listening to your needs, I can help you explore investments in Land Banking that will provide you more control over how and when you retire.


Jenny Flynn
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Click on any image to view larger. Images of Kids in Need of medical care and educational funding. I’m fund raising for kids in Vietnam. If you would like to donate and have a tax record please click on this link.

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