Nenette Agulto

About Nenette Agulto

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Nenette is fortunate to have been born and raised in San Diego and makes it her mission to enjoy life to the fullest! In her personal and professional experiences, she strives to surround herself with positive, happy people and situations.

Upon graduation from ITT, Nenette worked in Information Technologies for 18 years working her way up from a Field Technician for a medical software billing company in La Jolla Zybex, Inc. to 8 years, working as a Systems Operations Manager for Brandes Investment Partners. She chose to leave the IT industry to become a small business owner for 6 years, giving her the opportunity to meet many other small business owners and establish great relationships with like-minded professionals.

Throughout her professional career, providing a high level, quality deliverable is a consistent theme in her success. After closing her business in 2011 Nenette found Velur Enterprises, Inc. while seeking out new ventures and is excited about the opportunities it offers to her personally as well as to her professional career. She knew what she didn’t want to do, but not quite what she wanted to do.

Nenette started investing personally with Velur in October of 2011 and began working with Velur in July 2012 after getting her Real Estate License. One of the reasons she is drawn to Velur is that it’s comprised of Engineers, Lawyers, Doctors, Students, University Professors and a former Finance Director of National City. They have high ethics and provide a quality product along with a high level of after sales services. Knowing that other professionals that didn’t have real estate or finance experience were part of the team, helped allow her to see this as a new business opportunity for herself. Velur is 100% client represented by positive happy people, and offers a quality product and a money making opportunity for everyone who invests! They help level the playing field so anyone can own land and have hope for retirement.

After personally experiencing the growth of California first hand, Nenette truly believes that Today’s Dirt is Tomorrow’s Gold and currently owns 10 land parcels.


Nenette Agulto
cell: 619-889-9163