If you are looking to diversify your portfolio and invest in real estate without the hassles of being a landlord, I highly suggest talking to Jen Flynn about investing in land. I have invested and have been thrilled watching the value of my land parcel increase in value. I spent 6 months learning about the Lancaster and Palmdale area before investing and Jen was able to show me several reasons to back up why her company has been investing here for the past 30 years. Here are just a few of the benefits: solid infrastructure (roads, rail and airports), affordable housing, jobs and population growth that impacts new housing construction. After I cross-checked the information from a third party, I was confident that I was investing in a great product. I also love that you can invest with cash, your funds from an IRA or from your 401K. If you are looking to earn more in real estate than you have been in mutual funds, call Jen Flynn!

Richelle Szczygiel, San Diego Realtor

I recognized the power of Land Banking from watching growth around Phoenix, Az when I was young. Land owners in the path of development simply make money when developers come calling. I diversified part of my IRA to co-purchase a parcel. I’m on the deed for that land, it’s mine, making it a safe investment. I appreciate how Velur representatives, Dean McConkey and Jenny Flynn, continue to keep me apprised on north LA County growth and how that affects my investment.

Rod Kempton Coach, Consultant and Educator, Powerful Directions, San Diego, Ca.

Having lived in Southern California for over forty years, we were very excited to be involved in purchasing land in the Lancaster/Palmdale area. The potential growth in this area makes it a prime area for investment(s). In addition to that, knowing Jenny and Dean, their high standards and integrity, we were glad to have them assist us. Our experience with Velur and their friendly and dedicated staff is just another positive factor in our relationship with them. We are extremely grateful to have the opportunity to purchase our three properties, using both cash and IRA’s, in the Lancaster area.

Gary Black (US Navy Retired) & Cathie Black (Bookeeper)

The land banking opportunity really came knocking on my door. I was switching jobs in 2008 and had some 401K funds accumulated with my previous job. Dean sat me down over lunch one day explaining to me about his new business venture he had with Velur and I wanted to join in right away. I see the potential growth in land banking and my investment decision was simple, why not invest now when I am young and to diversify ways of controlling my retirement in the future. I am now a co-investor of two pieces of parcels and I hope more opportunities will come along. In addition, the staff of Velur is always knowledgeable and friendly and I am glad I got to meet most of them.

Kenneth, Age 33, Workers’ Compensation Claims Adjuster

I first got invested in land in 2012. I learned about land investment through a webinar given by Jenny Flynn with Velur Enterprises in the fall of 2011. I was immediately interested, but had no available funds until I completed my residency training in June 2012. Once I left the University of California San Diego as a resident trainee and joined IGO Medical Group as a private practitioner, my retirement funds became available to transfer to a Roth IRA. Instead of rolling over approximately $20,000 of poorly-performing retirement funds into another money market account; I chose to move the money into a self-directed Roth IRA that allowed me to go outside the market and invest in land.
What first caught my attention about investing in land was the fact that it was a way for me to be invested in real estate without owning a rental property. Both my parents had invested in commercial real estate when I was a child and dealt with the “ups and downs” of the developed real estate market in Portland, Oregon. I did not want to have to worry about my property depreciating, finding tenants, or hoping to sell during a market “up-swing.” However, I had no idea that land in the path of development was even attainable at such a reasonable price. I had resigned myself to thinking that the only land in my price range was “a cactus and tumbleweed farm 90-miles from the nearest tiny town.” Everyone has heard stories of their grandparents who invested in land that never amounted to anything; this was my fear. Then I learned about land available for investment in Antelope Valley in Southern California through Velur. This changed my entire perspective about the availability of pre-developed land in a booming economic region.
Today, I hold title to two parcels of land that are agriculturally-zoned and in a region boasting exponential growth of the solar energy industry in Lancaster, California. Both of my parcels are less than 3-miles from two of the largest solar facilities in the area. With the green energy initiatives enacted by the state of California and the trends in population growth in Los Angeles County, I feel very confident that my investments will appreciate at a much greater rate than money left in the market currently. More importantly, I feel very confident that my investments will stand the test of time with market fluctuations as a finite commodity. I will continue to have traditional investments in the market, but this has provided me exciting investment diversity. Plus, you can’t help but feel good when Warren Buffett is your neighbor!

Lauren Robertson, Age 33, Job Title: OB/GYN physician, Residence: San Diego, CA, Land Parcels Owned to Date: 2 San Diego, CA