Solar is the one of the biggest land banking trends we’ve ever seen


Just look at the billions of dollars pouring into in the Antelope Valley as proof of that fact.

In five short years the Antelope Valley has already seen explosive growth in the solar industry, developing over 40,000 acres for energy production.


Big movers like:

  • Warren Buffet – invested over $2.5 Billion on 3,000 acres in LA and Kern County
  • The Google founders – have made 15 wind and solar investments totaling more than $1 billion
  • Christy Walton, Walmart heir and the richest woman in the world according to Forbes, owns First Solar, a 2,300 acre facility in Lancaster
  • Silverado – which merged with SPower in 2014 and now has over 4,000 acres of solar projects in Antelope Valley
  • And the list goes on…

Why so much activity when we’re still 6 years out from Assembly Bill 32’s 2020 deadline?


Energy companies don’t see a downside

Consolidators are quietly snatching up thousands of acres in the Antelope Valley because this is the perfect place for solar production.

  1. It’s close to the 2nd most populated city in the US. LA County just passed the 10 Million mark.
  2. LA has already invested Billions in the high-power transmission lines known as the ‘Blue veins of Gold’ to carry electricity into the city.
  3. The San Onofre nuclear power plant was taken off-line in 2011, decreasing energy supply.
  4. California is currently on-target to reach 33% renewable energy by 2020… but many are already looking at moving that all the way up to 100% in the next 30 – 40 years. In fact, Mayor Kevin Faulconer has already committed San Diego to reaching this impressive goal by 2035.
  5. LA has practically guaranteed solar operators they’ll buy every megawatt they produce. From an investor’s point of view this also guarantees returns, making capital easier to raise for more projects.


Investing nextdoor to Warren Buffett

In light of these facts, how would you like to be holding a 2.5 acre parcel near the strategic ‘Blue veins of gold’ (just like the one in the photo below)?

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On this map you can see the following benefits:

This land is 1.5 miles from Antelope Valley Solar – That means you’ll enjoy a 20% increase in property value every time they make a capital investment through the power of the ‘unearned increment’.

It’s just .5 miles from a future 6 lane freeway (the E 220 Corridor). This $3.2 Billion super-freeway is going to be the main trucking and transportation route from LA. That means this property also has the potential of becoming warehousing space in the future.

It’s within 2 miles from existing power lines. Every solar plant needs to connect with the ‘blue lines of gold’. And 2 Miles isn’t so far when you consider that many of these solar facilities are over 1 mile in length, themselves.

Best of all, it has a very low entry price. This parcel sells for only $24, 500.

I have to ask: Where else can you buy enough land to build 11 full size houses for so little…or expect these kinds of returns?


The secret is out

With the International Energy Agency (IEA) sounding the horn on solar to the tune of $225 Billion per year, it’s not going to take people long to catch on.

In fact, the internet is already full of land-prospectors ready to offer you large plots of land at ridiculous prices. But I have to warn you – they’re not Land Bankers.


They haven’t followed the trend from the very beginning like we have.

They don’t do have our quality 16:10:3 due-diligence system.

Or offer the wide array of free after services that we do…

And I can guarantee they won’t have our 75% repeat investor rate, with over 23,000 clients served.


Your strategic advantage

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