What if, on your 65th birthday, you pulled up your bank statement and saw you’d finally reached your milestone goal of setting $1Million aside for retirement.  With that and your monthly social security check, are you really in a good spot for retirement?

Is it time to:

  • Start planning for the vacations you’ve always wanted to take?
  • Take up new hobbies with your spouse?
  • Or dine out more often?

That all depends on one question

And that is: Is this really enough of a cushion for you and your spouse to enjoy for the rest of your lives together?..  Because that’s the ultimate goal, isn’t it?


Unfortunately, even with a million dollars in the bank, that breaks down to just $25,000 each for the next 20 years, or $138 a day – total.

You can spend that much on a simple trip to the mall.

Yes, the extra $86 from Social Security helps – assuming that the program survives another election…

But, when you look at all the medical expenses that go along with growing older, it’s easy to see that $224 a day only covers the essentials.  What about everything you’re dreaming of?

How do you have enough money for retirement?

That’s why it’s not enough to set money aside for when you retire.  Because even if you retire as a millionaire, you don’t want to have to live just north of the poverty line for the rest of your life.

That’s why ‘making your money work for you’ is the only reasonable way to plan for your future.

And that requires action – putting your money into action for you.


In my 4 ½ years as a MET LIFE financial planner, I’ve advised hundreds of families on how to set up their finances for a successful retirement.

I show them that, “while you’re celebrating your 70th birthday, your money should be doing something to make sure you can afford the next big family vacation when you turn 75.

And while you’re on that trip, your investments should already be growing in value so you can continue to enjoy your life in the future.”


That means setting up an income stream with enough profitability.

Something that allows you to:

1. Live comfortably, and

2. Have the capital you need so you can re-invest to keep the process going.

My personal success story

Land Banking is the only kind of investment I’ve found which promises that.  And that’s probably why Velur has had a 75% re-investor rate over the last 34 years.

Here are a few examples of how it’s helped me plan for my future:

  • My Perris, CA property – Which I bought for $170,000 in 2011 is now worth about $1,000,000 based on an offer another Velur investor received this year.


  • My property in Palmdale – Bought in April 2013 for $130,000 for 1.25 acres  – Currently there is a listing less than .5 miles away for $235,000 per acre.


  • My residential property in Lancaster – I bought this in 2009 for $85,000, and it’s now worth about $280,000 minimum.


  • My agricultural zoned property near Ave. K – Purchased in 2013 for $12,400 per acre. A new solar facilities have moved in close to this property and offers, per acre, start at about $15,000


  • My heavy Industrial zoned property on Ave F near 4th St E – Bought for $40,000 per acre in 2011  – Build Your Dreams (China’s largest company) opened the EV Bus Manufacturing facility 1.5 miles away. In Sept. of 2013, the city of Lancaster paid $2.67 per square foot for 12 acres of land for future expansion of BYD. I paid $0.92 per sq foot. That’s a difference of $76,230!


My total investment so far? $437,400.

Now, I’ve had partners on many of these deals so I can’t claim all of that capital as my own.

But even if it was, you have to realize it would only be enough to give me $60 a day for the next 20 years… not quite the lifestyle I envision…

(And since I’m planning on retiring at 57, I’d probably have to stretch that out for the next 30 years)


Instead, with Land Banking, I’ve been able to grow my capital into $1,646,230 worth of solid real estate value!

And the best part?

Because I own property in the direct path of growth, time becomes my biggest asset – instead of my biggest threat.

As I grow older my assets continue to mature.  And that lets me sell one… take half for a nice vacation… cover my bills… then re-invest the other half and start it all over again.

That’s how you can get your money working for you – instead of just working for your money.

Your future

It’s not enough to know you need to have money to retire, you have to have something in place that is going to help you grow your money in the future.

However you plan to do that, I’m here to talk… to share my experience as a retirement planner and learn about your dreams for the future.

After all, your retirement should set you free.  Your retirement age is simply the time and date that you figure out how to make that dream a reality.




Jenny Flynn

Owner of 9 parcels